2 years ago

10 March, 2016

Ball Sculpture Lawn, UNSW

Organised by:
NSW Ski and Board Club

Help us help you.

You will all be in need of some greasy food and free cuddles Thursday morning post-opening party at uni.

Well you’re in luck! We are hosting a free RECOVERY BBQ for all opening party attendees.

It’s a great chance to find out what you actually did last night, avoid eye contact with whoever necessary and eat your feelings.

If you are still capable of filling out a form then you can sign up for trip on the spot as we will be taking deposits for our annual ski trip to Queenstown!

By then you should have come to your senses and had a taste of Newski’s one-of-a-kind banter, boozing and boogieing.

Here are the trip deets-
* Queenstown, New Zealand
* 2-11 July
* $1950
* INCLUDES flights, accommodation, airport transfers, travel insurance, all lift passes, 2 family dinners, your sexy hoodie and punch every night (what a bargain!)
* PLUS: 90 new soul mates and non-stop debauchery

DEPOSITS = $1000 (Cash, bank transfer or cheque)
We can only take 90 so fight to the death!

Peace and blessin’s

*BYO berocca
**ALSO EVERY0NE GETS A FREE BABY BOTTLE OF KRAKEN SPICED RUM (even though we will be “never drinking again”)