2 years ago

3 March, 2016


Organised by:
Medical Society (MEDSOC)


Medsoc's first social event of 2016 is here with a splash, so come down to the beach on Thursday of Week 1! CALLING ALL FRESHERS - meet your med family and sea why Coogee is so loved. Everyone else - what better way to relax before you set sail into another year?!

Wave goodbye to the concrete jungle of UNSW, and say aloha to beach sports, free food, and an excellent opportunity to chill by the beach. Enjoy a fun soccer match before taking a dip in the water. You'll shorely have a great time.

One group will leave Wallace Wurth at 3pm, and the second group will leave at 5pm (for those who finish class later). Either way, we'll all stroll down together (30min) or surf on the m50 (5min).

Beach there or be square, so see you guys soon!

♥ Medsoc Sports 2016