2 years ago

3 March, 2016


Organised by:
Medical Society (MEDSOC)

Still not sure about negotiating capabilities and what's required for the portfolio?
Fuzzy on what to do for lab visits and how these can be assessed?
Just want some tips to ace the upcoming exams?

MedSoc is proud to present the Phase 3/BioMed Information evening.
DR ARVIN DAMODARAN (Phase 3 Convenor) and PROF GARY VELAN will open up the night talking about Phase 3 and the biomedical sciences examination, with ample time to answer questions. They will be followed by HIGH ACHIEVING OLDER YEARS and RECENT UNSW GRADUATES (Chinmay Khandkar (VI), Henry Lin and Jasmine Cheng) talking about their experiences hot tips to excel in Phase 3.

If you have requests for specific topics, please feel free to post on this page or ask on the night.

Videoconferencing will be available to Medicine Registered Endpoints using this alias and PIN number.

Guest conference alias = 903202
PIN = 676607

If you are not calling from a Medicine Registered endpoint, you should use one of the following avenues:
Cisco: <alias>@med.unsw.edu.au
Polycom: med.unsw.edu.au##<alias>

<3 your MedSoc Academics