2 years ago

11 March, 2016


Organised by:
Medical Society (MEDSOC)

Feeling lost by the sudden 1000% increase of hours in a clinical enviornment? Not sure what to do when the consultant drops you on a ward, never to be seen again?

Medsoc is proud to present the "How to Excel in Coursework" featuring high achieving senior students Erika Strazdins (V), Shirin Salimi (IV), Kevin Zhuo (IV), and Jimmy Zhu (IV), eager to share their wisdom and experiences. The speakers will talk about the weightings of the course, how to get the most out of your uni classes for the MCQ, tips on assignment and case writing, and how to make the most out of your clinical learning. FInally, there will be time to answer any burning questions you may have at the end of the presentation.

Time: 6:00PM, Friday 11/03/2016
Location: Wallace Wurth LG03

Video-conferencing will be available to Medicine Registered Endpoints using this alias and PIN number.
Guest conference alias = 903202
PIN = 676607
If you are not calling from a Medicine Registered endpoint, you should use one of the following avenues:
Cisco: <alias>@med.unsw.edu.au
Polycom: med.unsw.edu.au##<alias>

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