2 years ago

16 March, 2016


Organised by:
Medical Society (MEDSOC)

Got any burning questions for medfac that are bothering you more than dysuria bothers a patient with a UTI? Then boy do we have the event for you!

Phase 1 Q&A gives both 1st and 2nd year students the opportunity to ask members of faculty and a selection of their phase 2 peers any questions they have about the medicine program. This includes questions about specific courses, exams and prac exams, assignments and projects, clinical skills, QMP and portfolio. From 1st year questions like "What is a SOCA and how many do we have to do?" to questions that linger on for 2nd years like "What is a SOCA and how many do we have to do?"

Don't be afraid to ask questions - the more trivial ones will be answered by your peers so there is no need to be embarassed (and you can ask anonomously via the google doc below). Submissions will be finalised on the 9th of March 2016 and forwarded to panel members.


Our panelists are:
- Dr. Karen Gibson (Phase 1 Convener)
- Dr. Peter Harris (Foundations Convener, Portfolio Convener)
- Dr. Sue Britton (Clinical Skills Teacher, All-Round Legend)
- Dr. Rachel Thompson (QMP Convener)
- Student panel members: Carrie Lee, Lisha Lobo and Beryl Lin