2 years ago

7 April, 2016

Wallace Wurth G06-G07

Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

Super(wo)men, it's that time of year again... Are you ready for it?

Convention rego will take place on April 7 8PM AEST and continuing with tradition, AMSA@UNSW is bringing you the Convention Rego Party! Experienced conveterans will be on deck to help with registration and swap convention stories. Last year, everyone who was at WW managed to get rego, so make sure you come along to secure your coveted tickets!

There will be moral support, there will be pizza, there will be lots of successful Convention registering and there may be some cheeky 'rinks to celebrate!

Website: http://townsville2016.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/townsville2016/?fref=ts
Practice rego event (March 31st 8pm): https://www.facebook.com/events/1689717541286556/
Actual rego event: https://www.facebook.com/events/940775029304880/

--------------- HOW TO REGISTER ---------------

Full details at: https://townsville2016.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/9000164399

1. Keep your eyes peeled for the rego link to be posted up on the official website and the AMSA National Convention Townsville 2016 facebook page THURS APRIL 7 8PM AEST.

2. THIS IS WHERE YOU'LL NEED TO BE QUICK. Submit your application for a ticket. You will need your FULL NAME, STUDENT EMAIL (znumber@student.unsw.edu.au) and UNIVERSITY.

3. Wait for email #1 - this confirms that your application has been received. This may take a few minutes when the server is at high capacity.

4. Wait for email #2 - this will have a link to purchase tickets! This is a unique, one use only code.

5. YOU'RE IN!!! Select the ticket you would like (and the drinks package if applicable). You will have 15 minutes to choose the appropriate ticket.

6. Fill out your details and payment information. NOTE: You can only pay using a credit/debit card. In the adrenalin and excitement of the moment, PLEASE CHECK THAT ALL YOUR DETAILS ARE CORRECT. You will have 15 minutes to finalise payment.

7. You will receive 2 confirmation emails. Woohooo congratulations Ranger, see you in Townsville!!!

♥ Cecile Pham, your AMSA Rep

If you have any questions, please contact Cecile Pham on 0433094091 or email amsa@medsoc.org.au !