2 years ago

16 May, 2016

University of New South Wales - Wallace Wurth

Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

UNSW MedSoc with support of GPSN cordially invites all UNSW meddies to this year's Meet the Medics to be hosted at Wallace Wurth. This exciting night involves everything you've dreamed of - including doctors and cocktails and food!

It is an extremely valuable opportunity to engage with doctors, of varying experience and specialities, who can share their unique experiences and provide personal advice on what it is like to be a medical professional. You are provided the chance to talk to the doctors 1 on 1 and ask any questions that have been plaguing you, or just have a chat.

Links to buy tickets will be posted soon! They will be $12pp or $50 for a group of 5. Spaces are limited so get in quick!

For any questions please contact Abeer Khan or Serag Saleh or email leadership@medsoc.org.au.

<3 MedSoc Leadership 2016