2 years ago

19 July, 2016

UNSW Business School G23

Organised by:
Management Society

Ever wondered what it’s like to present directly to a company? What if you were into startups, would it be any different? MSOC is proud to present our Careers Leadership Challenge, a business hackathon that serves to educate, prepare and stimulate you into the ideal situation designed to answer such probing questions. Here, you will be able to showcase your newfound business acumen and problem-solving skills to firms and startups alike.

The event will consist of a two day workshop.

The first day (Tuesday, 19th of July) is mentored by three industry leaders with the likes of Accenture, in which they will educate you on the skills, foundations and preparation required to present in a corporate situation. Here, you will get the chance to be a leader, solve problems and collaborate with other peers in the provided sessions, all in preparation for the following night. The day is concluded by our two start-up sponsors, Delivery Rocket and Qpay, who will be presenting their real life business problems… giving you the opportunity, 24 hours to be exact, to solve their case!

Groups return the following night (Wednesday, 20th of July) to present their solutions to both startups. Not only do you get to be the one presenting, but both Delivery Rocket and Qpay are willing to take onboard and implement your strategies, turning what was truly just an idea into stark reality!

For anyone bubbly or inquisitive alike, all participants will have the chance to network with sponsors, being the means to an end for all your curious minds!

Register now to secure your place! Registration Link: http://goo.gl/forms/IgazkEdBBxmcKZRk1

Time: 10am-5pm
Date: Tuesday 19th of July (during Winter Break)
Location: UNSW Business School G23 (The Place)
Dress Code: Smart Casual

Time: 6pm – 9:30pm
Date: Wednesday 20th of July (during Winter Break)
Location: Ainsworth theatre G02
Dress Code: Business Formal