2 years ago

25 July, 2016

Wallace Wurth

Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!! Heeeyaaaa, midyear Mock ICE is here! It'll be running Monday-Thursday with 3 cases on each night with older students assessing you. It's a great opportunity to practice your skills and get some feedback to help you improve.

Sequence 2 + 4: Monday and Thursday
Sequence 1 + 3: Tuesday and Wednesday
^ If you come on a day that is not your sequence you will not have covered the right topics. Don't be a noob.

Early session: 5:30-7pm
Late session: 7:15-8:30pm

Link to potentially assessable topics:

Assessor Recruitment:

Patient Recruitment:
Phase 1 students are encouraged to come along as patients! It's a great learning experience for how you're expected to do a history or exam in phase 2 and the teachers are very willing to teach!

Try to study up to make the most of this opportunity!

<3 MedSoc Academics 2016!