2 years ago

18 July, 2016

Wallace Wurth

Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

It’s another wet winter in Sydney. I’m sitting with my aged care assignment – no, pet lab rats –my new best friends. What happened to the 300 other research assistants? I mean, ahem, 4th year students. Actually, do the other sequences even go to UNSW still?

You are the medical student on call. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Come chill at CW+ILP/HONS Ultimate Reunion -first day back next semester! MedSoc is hosting:
1) Movie screening + karaoke
2) Giant twister + board games
3) Free food + hot chocolate
4) Hangout with friends in the cosy walls of WW, PJs recommended

<3 MedSoc 2016