2 years ago

24 June, 2016


Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

OHHHH, we're HALFWAY there! HIP HIP hooray - it's time to celebrate!!

Join us at the Burdekin for a battle of the HIPS (no lie). It'll be iPhones vs brick phones, weed vs tweed, blazed vs plaid in an all out battle to finish off the first semester. So whether you prefer tie dye or you'll dye trying, we'll see y'all there on Friday the 24th of June!
Be one with your inner hippie or alternatively come as a hipster, get ready for an AWESOME NIGHT!

To get a COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAIL on the night, RSVP to get on our guest list by JUNE 23rd (vegan - obviously duh) - make sure you come before 10:30pm to collect drink coupons that will be usable the whole night.

Pssst... here's a peace of advice - get in before it's cool, or you'll regret it.

P.S. Med or not, just come along and join us - med kids know how to study hard but party even HARDER (that was not meant to be an innuendo - we promise).

There is NO entry fee for this party -- WhoooHOoooo - however we will have a gold coin donation box for your kind donations!

Ex Oh Ex Oh
<3 Social Reps & your new SOCIAL SUBCOMM 2016!