2 years ago

14 August, 2016


Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

We get it. It's uni, theres work to be done and the only form of exercise you've done in the last month is running...out of money.


One of Sydney's iconic events, this 14km run/walk will take you from Hyde Park through the majestic Eastern Suburbs, up Heartbreak Hill and towards the beautiful Bondi Beach. Do it seriously or for funzies and avoid that myocardial infarction from all those HSPs. You can also select a charity and fundraise!

This year, MedSoc will be running as a TEAM (Westpac Yellow Start Group). Register under UNSW Medical Society at https://secure.tiktok.biz/register/default.aspx?EventID=city2surf&Edition=2016&Team=UNSWMedicalSociety

Key Dates:

June 15th - Final Day for Early Bird Entries ($65)
August 3rd - Final Day for Standard Entries ($75)
August 13th - Final Day for Late Entries ($85)
August 14th - City2Surf!!

You can also get free bib postage if you register by 31st of May, but don't fret if you miss out! You can also collect them for free.

P.S. we might also get a few Superman runners, so give us a message if you're interested!

♥ MedSoc Sports 2016