2 years ago

19 June, 2016

The Gaelic Club

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

After the pre-election refugee rally (1pm Town Hall), join us for a discussion of how we can fight for a world without borders.
Marx and Engels proclaimed in The Communist Manifesto that the workers have no country and yet we live in a world divided up into separate and distinct countries, separated by borders that seem more and more impermeable. The policing of borders has created the horrors of Australia's gulag archipelago of detention centres and has turned the Mediterranean into a mass grave.
Borders are open to those with the money to go wherever they like in the world, and they are certainly always open to the movement of capital. When there's a profit to be made from our labour, capitalism opens the borders to economically suitable migrants.
The rest of the time borders mean deployment of troops, construction of razor wire barricades and assaults against refugee families with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber truncheons.