2 years ago

29 May, 2016

The Royal George

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

After the rally to Save NSW: Stop the corruption.Stop the destruction. BAIRD OUT NOW!

It has become increasingly clear that NSW is a state run by the property developers. There is nothing former investment banker Mike Baird won't sacrifice on the altar of their profits. Democracy, civil liberties, affordable housing, public transport - all stand in the way of Baird's vision of a corporate playground for the rich, and therefore must be destroyed.

His paradise is our hell - a wasteland, devoid of public space, where gentrification pushes the working class further and further out, struggling to keep up with the costs of housing and transport, and any resistance is met with police thuggery.

This same story is playing out around the world. Join us for a discussion of the forces driving this process, and how people are fighting back.