2 years ago

4 January, 2016

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Reef trip!!!

Secure your spot with a trip deposit here - http://underwaterclub.org/events/reef-trip-2016/

Yes reef trip is on again and we are heading to lady Musgrave island. we have 36 spots up for grabs for those of you lucky enough to come on this incredible adventure

What is reef trip all about you ask?

Every year we spend 2.5 weeks camping and diving and chilling and partying on an island smack bang in the middle of the Capricornia Cays (aka the Great Barrier Reef!)

We bring everything you will need for you 19 days on the island including all of you food and alcohol for four big themed party nights. everything you need to go diving every day including a dive compressor our brand new boat and even a boat to go spear fishing out of. As well and an entire barge load of other odds and ends.

The diving at Lady Musgrave is absolutely phenomenal with Gorgeous reefs, pretty fishies, MANTAS and TURTLES. The turtles are not just in the water btw - At this time of year you can find them on land LAYING EGGS and even better, BABY TURTLES HATCHING!!!!!!

For the lucky people who sign on for 19 days of the best fun you'll have in this life. After a day (or two), in Gladstone getting everything ready, we board the Curtis Endeavour on the 6th. Departing Lady Musgrave on the 25th and clean-up in Gladstone on the 25th and 26th.

The trip will cost $1350 and also includes one night in a hostel in Gladstone on the 5th the day before we leave. sing ups will be on the underwater club page soon and you will need to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on the trip - http://underwaterclub.org/events/reef-trip-2016/


Che - che.tauro.cesca@gmail.com