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11 June, 2016

UNSW Underwater Club

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Underwater Club

Come and join us for the long weekend in Forster. Lose yourself in Grey Nurse Sharks along the mid north coast of NSW in awesome dive sites such as:


The Pinnacle is rated in the top ten dive sites in the World. This is big critter territory, Grey Nurse Sharks in aggregations of 50 and more. Big kingfish, jewfish, trevally and stingrays are all seen here. Depth: 24 to 33 metres (and deeper). This is the site that many divers experience their best dive ever, anywhere.



Spot A is one of Forster's most popular dive sites. A sheer wall from 10 to 20 metres hosts a wide variety of marine life.



Inner Lat is just inshore from Spot A and is an entirely different site in both topography and marine life. Grey Nurse Sharks, wobbegong sharks, Port Jackson sharks and eagle rays are all found here. Depths: 6 to 15 metres



An isolated rock formation almost 80 metres long, standing from the sand at 10 metres depth to just below the surface. On the ocean side there is a small swim through cave - On the sand close are shovel nose rays, bull rays and turtles. On and around the bommie there are red morwong, eastern blue groupers, luderick, surgeonfish, leatherjacket, old wife, and long snouted boarfish. The bommie itself is decorated by anemones, kelp and soft corals, which provide a perfect habitat for moray eels, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and shrimp. Lobsters and hermit crabs can be found in the short cave. Visibility is generally good, and may be crystal clear as far out as 30 metres.

Weather permitting, we are also looking at heading to Seal Rocks for the second day of diving - this is the second most Easterly Point in NSW, and is world renowned for the quality of its' shark diving. Dive sites include:


Four dive sites - It is here that the Grey Nurse Sharks aggregate in the greatest numbers on the East Coast of Australia Dive Depths: 8 to 40 plus metres.


Grey Nurse Sharks, huge cod, schools of baitfish, kingfish, snapper and the occasional Bronze Whaler Shark - Best depth: 15 to 22 metres


Sheer sides that drop to the sand at 12 metres depth. Pronounced overhang often shelters wobbegong sharks, port Jackson sharks and cuttlefish. Bommies and gutters in the surrounding rock reef attract a small but consistent number of grey nurse sharks. Light growth of kelp and sponge decorates the rocky terrain. Depth: 10 to 16 metres

|| When ||
Sat 11 - Mon 13 June
Head down on Friday night and return on Monday arvo

|| Where ||

|| Cost ||
$120 includes:
- Accommodation for friday, saturday & sunday night
- Breakfast, lunch & dinner for Saturday and Sunday; Breakfast for Monday
- Drinks for the party night!

|| Diving ||
$20 per boat dive

|| Gear ||
You are responsible for sorting out your own gear.
The club hires out BCDs, regs, tanks & weights: http://underwaterclub.org/gear/
If you need anything else you can hire it from the local dive shop there or hire stuff out for the weekend from any dive shop in Sydney

Dive Centre Bondi give us $30 soft gear (wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel) for the weekend if you need.
We also get $5 fills so anyone looking to save some money or dive the first dive on Sat morning make sure you fill up in Sydney as the first dive heads out at 7am!

We will try our best to organize car-pooling for everyone!

Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements

Beds are assigned on a first paid first serve basis. If you are not assigned a bed please bring something comfy to sleep on like a sleeping bag, air mattress, hammock etc

|| Contact ||
Christian Jones | president@underwaterclub.org | 0478 738 863