2 years ago

13 May, 2016

Aiesec Australia 9

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Looking forward to your well deserved holiday, but not sure what to do? Make the most out of your holiday with an international internship this winter break!

Teaching abroad is an excellent way to start collecting these little experiences, experiences that add up over time. Enriching your mind and soul by exploring other cultures and working with children from different countries can be a life changing experience.

AIESEC is an international non-for-profit organisation that facilitates international internship exchange. The reason we’re so crazily passionate about what we do, is because we believe exchange is a great way to develop youth leadership potential. We love the cheesy tales of how exchange has changed people, and we’d love to bring this experience to you!

Our internship opportunities boasts a wide range of teaching internships. In fact, most of our internships are in teaching!

Our general streams are:
- Winter holidays (June-August for 2 months)
- Over semester 2 from August
- Summer holidays from November

Want to find out more? Simply take 2 minutes to fill in your details and one of our friendly staff will contact you for further details.


You’re also more than welcome to contact our Director of Outgoing Global Internships - Julia Zhong @ julia.zhong@aiesec.net