2 years ago

1 December, 2015

Socialist Alternative Sydney

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

Many thought that Apartheid in South Africa could never be defeated. Millions of black workers, students and the poor proved them wrong. Their struggle is one of the most inspiring tales of a working class courageously rising up and defeating a brutal racist and capitalist state.

20 years later, and most of those same people, and their children, are still fighting for many of the demands which people hoped would be achieved with the fall of Apartheid: equality, jobs, housing, health and education for all and an end to state repression. What went wrong? And what lessons need to be learned so that the struggles of the present and the future can win genuine liberation?

Featuring guest speaker: Sandra Bloodworth, who visited South Africa in 1992, as political turmoil and debates on the way forward raged. She will share her stories of struggle, and give an analysis of the political forces at work, which helps to explain the situation today.