2 years ago

1 March, 2016

Socialist Alternative Sydney

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Socialist Alternative Club

The Russian revolution may have taken place nearly a century ago, but attacks on it continue. In school history courses, academia, and in popular culture there is an ongoing attempt to discredit the revolution and its leaders, and to establish that Stalinism was the inevitable outcome of the uprising.

The debate about Russia is not simply a historic curiosity. The revolution is so relentlessly attacked because it was the greatest ever assault on world capitalism. It proved that it is possible for workers to rise up and not only break an authoritarian and exploitative system, but take control of society and run it themselves. Though it was eventually defeated, the revolution opened up the possibility of overthrowing world capitalism, of pulling down the rich and the powerful, abolishing class divisions and beginning a new phase of human history – one based on co-operation, common ownership, peace and genuine equality.

This makes the true history of the revolution dangerous to the powerful minority who control our world. It is why they try to bury the legacy of 1917 under a mountain of lies.