2 years ago

4 March, 2016

Save the Children UNSW Student Action Group

Organised by:
Save The Children

Want to make get involved in extra-curricular activities AND make a real difference in the lives of others? Then join the STC UNSW subcommittee today!

STC UNSW are looking for enthusiastic and passionate students who genuinely want to help those less fortunate in the world. Working together with our lovely directors, subcommittee members will help the society to reach our ambitious goals and spread our positive impact to even more children around the world.

There are a number of key portfolios, including:
- 4x Fundraising
- 3x IT
- 3x Marketing
- 3x Campaigns and Media
- 3x Sponsorship
- 2x Human Resources
- 3x Sports and Recreation

(For more information on roles and responsibilities, please refer below)

Applications close 4th of March and successful applicants will be contacted for interviews during Week 2

Take the step to a fun filled year and apply today!!


• Planning, organising and hosting events throughout the year specifically for raising funds for the society;
• Planning, organising and hosting events throughout the year for campaign promotion and awareness for the society;
• Ensuring the availability of relevant equipment and knowledge of costs in preparation for events;
• Setting and meeting targets for fundraising campaigns;
• Ensuring activities are coordinated and undertaken in a systematic manner

• Keeping the society’s website updated on a regular basis whilst working with relevant directors to plan for publicised content;
• Inspecting all relevant materials on a regular basis and removing any material that does not promote the aims and objectives of the society and Save the Children Australia;
• Maintaining regular communications with the co-presidents to assess and reach conclusions regarding key issues and decisions;
• Assisting all directors and executives in all IT related problems affiliated with the society.

• Co-ordinating publicity events, campaigns and opportunities in written, electronic, or oral form for the society;
• Ensuring full publicity of the society’s events, website and other online publications to the student community at UNSW and externally;
• Promoting participation of STC UNSW members in activities and events run by the society;
• Responsible for strategising exposure of the society’s goals and purposes in digital media;
• Responsible for conducting research into Save the Children UNSW’s campaigns;
• Creating templates for emails and publication releases;
• Ensuring all questions by stakeholders are answered effectively, keeping the societies goals and values in mind;
• Consistently check all posts and comments on social media platforms for questions, and then answer these questions;
• Promoting the purpose of the society and Save the Children Australia to the public in an effective and appropriate manner;

Campaigns and Media
• Organising and planning campaigns for STC UNSW, and relevant external supports and promotions for these campaigns during the year;
• Ensuring that campaigns are within the guidelines set by Save the Children Australia;
• Develop publications in regards to Save the Children UNSW’s campaigns for members;
• Responsible for ensuring that the activities, goals and updates of the society are effectively communicated through social media platforms;
• Seeking media exposures and publication opportunities for the society’s works and goals;
• Responsible for conducting research into Save the Children UNSW’s campaigns;
• To keep key relations and communications with Save the Children Australia;
• Consistently check all posts and comments on social media platforms for questions, and then answer these questions;
• Responsible for keeping up-to-date with Save the Children Australia’s campaigns and objectives by liaising with Save the Children Australia;
• Responsible for ensuring executives and directors stay up-to-date with campaign objectives;
• Summarising campaigns to be announced at meetings with executives and directors, and facilitating group discussion into promoting these campaigns at UNSW.

• Actively seeking sponsorship opportunities for STC UNSW in regards to event fundraising and prizes;
• Securing, maintaining and developing relationships with sponsors;
• Developing sponsorship proposals for the society;
• Working with relevant committees in the production of sponsorship materials;
• Is responsible for actions of their sub-committee members;

Human Resources
• Ensuring all executives and directors have access to up-to-date contact details of fellow members;
• Recruiting volunteers for events run by the society;
• Creating documents in relation to the recruitment of sub-committee members for relevant committees;
• Working with relevant directors to recruit members in their departments;
• Ensuring all membership fees, both internally and externally, are paid;
• Maintain regular communications to assess and reach conclusions regarding key issues and decisions.

Sports and Recreation
• Responsible for planning, organising and implementing sporting and recreational activities for UNSW students;
• Responsible for organising social events for executives and directors
• Responsible for liaising with relevant internal and external contacts to host sporting events;
• Actively seek to collaborate with other UNSW Arc-affiliated societies to host sporting and recreational activities;
• Responsible for preparing personal liability forms and taking necessary safety precautionary measures at sporting and recreational events;