2 years ago

4 May, 2016

Save the Children UNSW Student Action Group

Organised by:
Save The Children

Tired of studying for your midsems? Wanna eat away or relieve those stress levels? Then come along to the next Save The Children event where we transform stress into excitement and fun!

Save The Children is hosting a JOINT social frisbee ON CAMPUS with UNSW Ultimate for all those keen beans that wanna get involved. We have people playing from all levels so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s bound to be plenty of good fun involved. Members of UNSW Ultimate will also be hanging around so if you want to sharpen up those flicks or backhands or have any questions at all, there’ll be people definitely there to help. So grab your friends, come down, have a run and work off them snack packs you’ve been feasting upon.

If you’re not coming for the frisbee, at least come for the sausages. YES, you’ve read it right! We are also having a BBQ for SCA members/non-members so whether you like eating or running, there’s always a reason to make it :)

WHERE: Village Green
WHEN: Week 9 Wednesday 12-2pm, 4th May
$1 for SCA & Arc members (Membership is free!!!)
$2 for Non-SCA/Non-Arc members
More info on UNSW Ultimate here:

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