3 years ago

17 September, 2015


Organised by:
Mechanical Engineering Society

Dear all of the Mechanical Persuasion,

Our semester-ly pool competition is upon us! Come to the roundhouse and engage in a competitions of a billiard nature.

To be a part of it, make sure you submit your team here: http://goo.gl/forms/VLSfU9i6pH

As a direct consequence of attending this event you shall be in the running for some excellent prizes including but not limited to free drinks for both the major competition and many other endeavors!

Things will be kicking off at 6pm so be there with bells on and give the Bant-King Francis Carreon a run for his money.

TO ENSURE YOU ALL KNOW: This competition including all the games of pool is free.

So challenge your favorite staff member to a game for a chance at retribution for a lovely final exam they set ;)

N.B: MechSoc currently has no comment at this time on the allegations that our Fearless Leader; Laura Sacks, is indeed a pool shark. You'll all have to turn up on the night to see her in action.