3 years ago

14 September, 2015

UNSW (The University of New South Wales)

Organised by:
Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW

So, maybe you're one of those people who came to uni just to get a great paying gig in the future. Or maybe you wanna be a part of some ground breaking research project on the cutting edge of gigabump cluster optimisation or photovoltraic weezytron influxion or microbular quik-bombs. But can you really say this gives your life what it's been craving? Think about it: "success is a double storey house on mortgage and a yearly trip to one of the exotic places with the locals who wear those things for tourists"... well, is it? Or "We should derive meaning and purpose from unyielding devotion to the scientific method"... look, something just doesn't sound right, right?

Maybe it's time to do a bit of soul-scrutiny? A bit of introspective retroflection. A wee morsel of spiritual remodeling. Trying some forming, storming, norming and performing on our own scattered selves?

And if you need help with that, as we all do, the Muslims of UNSW are taking out 5 days of their lives to focus on you game-changers and needle-movers. To help collectively answer the questions that come with this troublesome investigation, IAFUNSW is dropping their Islamic Awareness Week on Week 8 of this semester.

Yes, we jumped from a discussion on our quarter life crises to submission to Allah. Look, lets be real, it's a big gap to bridge, and we don't expect you to cross it immediately, but it wouldn't be so for us hard to submit to one thing if there wasn't SOMETHING we needed to let go of first, right? We're not saying it's easy, as if Muslims don't face a trial every day in trying to let go of the vices they've submitted to in their past. Not unlike that massive leap which someone pondering their first step to submission to Islam does. At least come see what we've got planned, literally just for you!

And all week we'll be running our stall outside the UNSW Library from 11 to 3. Talk to us about anything Islam, or even anything at all, we'll be there for you! Make sure you come visit during the week and we can talk, whether it's about what Islam can provide for what your soul craves, or even if you just want to make sure we "condemn oisus" (we...*sigh*... swear we do, and we're so... ehhhh... veeery veeery soooorry).

On Monday we've got a BBQ at 12-2 on the Library Lawn.

From Tuesday we'll be starting our lectures, starting with a lecture given by Sheikh Wesam Charkawi at 3PM in Mathews C, called DOUBTING GOD, where we'll put to bed ONCE AND FOR ALL (...right) the common issues people tend to bring up when discussing an all powerful creator. Can God create a rock too heavy? If He's good, why is there evil in the world? Or why do people go to Hell forever? Bring on your questions! (preferably something new...)

On Wednesday, Islam and Spirituality, at 3pm in CLB2 given by Shaykh Hassan Elsetouhy. The human being is hungry, and for too many of us, the modern world gives us too much of the wrong food. We're never satisfied, irritated at the slightest thing, and can’t see anything but corruption. This'll be a discussion on what all of us are missing, and how we can get it.

And THEN. On FRIDAY at 6:30 at Ainsworth G03. Our flagship event, as part of our support of the Confident Muslim Campaign, we're hosting a debate between Michael Boyd, head of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and Abdullah al-Andalusi, head of the Muslim Debate Initiative in the UK. The topic? WHICH IS FAIRER, SECULAR LAW OR THE SHARIAH. Oh yes, this is happening. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring the cops (they could learn a thing or two)! It's a free country, right?

In sum
MONDAY: BBQ 12-2 Library Lawn
TUESDAY: PROBLEMS WITH GOD - Sh Wesam Charkawi 3PM Mathew C
FRIDAY: Debate - “SHARIA LAW VS SECULAR LAW, Which is Fairer? Michael Boyd v Abdullah Al-Andalusi” 6:30pm Ainsworth G03

So ask not what Muslims can do for Australia, but what you can do for yourself. Hopefully in this week we'll help set you on a path to finding what it is that we all need, but, for the life of us, have forgotten where we darn well put it.

TL:DR A week about you and what you're missing. But seriously, unless you really have something better to do, go back and read it, LoL can wait.