2 years ago

12 October, 2015

UNSW Campus - Matthews building - Room 310

Organised by:
Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW

The phrase 'Islamic Golden Age' is a common refrain on the lips of many who wish to look at the history of the Muslim world. The idea of Islam's golden age, a glorious past cut short, is as widespread as it is often unexamined. This lecture seeks to examine some of the implications of this narrative of Muslim history and ask the question 'Is the Islamic Golden Age a Myth'?

Speaker -
Will Scates Frances is a Sydney based writer, commentator and student of history. He graduated from UNSW History and is currently a PhD candidate in History at the ANU. He uses the phrase 'commentator' to justify his diversity of academic interests, from intellectual history and world history to psychohistory and contemporary politics.