2 years ago

26 October, 2015

Matthews 308, UNSW

Organised by:
Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW


IAFUNSW has had an amazing year! Jazakallah khayr to you all for your efforts, for attending our events and for giving us your time. As we regrettably close for this semester, we would like to invite you to one of our last events - the annual general meeting (AGM). Your attendance will give you the opportunity to elect and influence the leadership of IAFUNSW for the following year. If you would like to nominate yourself for an executive position, please fill in the form. Note that only members of IAFUNSW will be able to vote. The agenda of the meeting is detailed below.

Signing of the attendance sheet
Beginning of meeting
Apologies from absentees
Presidential address
Vice Presidential address
Treasurer’s Report
Vote to pass changes
Presentation of all nominees + Voting
General Business
Business without notice
Announcement of Voting Results

Executive NOMINATION form: http://bit.ly/1Oy3Ag0

DATE: Monday 26th October (Week 13)
TIME: 4-5pm
VENUE: Matthews 308

Looking forward to your attendance!