2 years ago

3 March, 2016

Physics Courtyard (Graham Russell K15)

Organised by:
Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW

Hey, do you remember that one time when you found yourself wafting after a deliciously mouth-watering aroma, a scent only made possible when the freshest meat is cooked to the ultimate perfection. And as you approach its source, your eyes begin to behold a magnificent sight; the fattest of sausages, wrapped in the freshest bread bun and dressed in the finest tomato (or barbecue, for that matter) sauce.
Well… we don’t either. #devs
Assalamu ‘alaykum fellow IAFUNSWers,
First of all, congratulations on making it to UNSW! It’s a great place (yeh, we’re probably a little biased) with great people and great societies. Yeh everything about UNSW is great, including the killer Basser steps *weak laugh*. In all seriousness though, we know that the first few days at a university can be a daunting experience: an unfamiliar environment, strange people and an extremely confusing campus (just go Old Main). So we, being the highly awesome, fabulous and amazing people we are, have decided to arrange a Meet and Greet for you, where you can meet all the other newbies and oldies too! And if you aren’t already dying to come, there will also be a BBQ! Just a gold coin fee (c'mon that's hardly anything)! Way to state the obvious but this BBQ is 100% HALAL. Yes, I hear you cry! You can finally eat a BBQ on campus without asking “Is it halal?” like an awkward turtle.

Details are as follows.
WHEN: Thursday 3rd March
TIME: 12-2pm
WHERE: Physics Courtyard (Graham Russell K15)
If you’re thinking where on Earth is that; never fear, we shall give you directions and a map so stay tuned to this space!

Yours truly, IAFUNSW Team