2 years ago

2 February, 2016


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Do you want to join the world's largest youth-run organisation?
Do you want to develop your leadership and professional skills?
Or maybe have the chance to attend international conferences?

Then look no further as applications for AIESEC UNSW’s Global Leader Program are now OPEN!

We have positions available for:
► Marketing and Communications
► Finance and Governance
► Outgoing Exchange Coordinators
► Business Development and Account Delivery

As an AIESECer, you will be guided by our experienced team leaders, and get the opportunity to make a real impact on youth around the world, from facilitating life-changing exchange experiences, to forming partnerships with Australian and international firms, to hosting or attending regional and national conferences!

Students of all faculties and disciplines are encouraged to apply as we want you to explore your passion!

(1) Read through our Job Description booklet to see which is the most suitable position for you here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4CdkK8QDAWFRkpqNnFua2hSVEE/view
(2) Fill out the written Application Form here: https://podio.com/webforms/14817288/993636
(3) If successful after the written application, we will contact you further to arrange for an interview

HOLIDAY ROUND ENDS Sunday 14th February 11:59pm [CLOSED]
****O-WEEK ROUND ENDS Sunday 28th February 11:59pm****

What are you waiting for? Give it your best shot and apply to be a part of AIESEC UNSW now!

If you have any queries or would like any further clarification, please feel free to email us at sally.lim9@aiesec.net

We look forward to hearing from you all ~ Goodluck!