2 years ago

20 April, 2016

Globe Lawn UNSW

Organised by:

WHAT: AIESEC Outdoor Living Library & Barbeque

WHERE: Globe Lawn

WHEN: Wednesday, 20th April, 2016, 11am-4pm

Welcome to the first ever (in recent memory) AIESEC BBQ, with our first ever offering of delicious honey drizzled bananas!

UNSW right now has over 50,000 students. Make yourself stand out, break from the status quo and create your own adventure. Here is what one of our exchange participants had to say about his volunteering exchange:

“Over the 6 weeks that I taught English to primary school children in India, I learnt as much from them as I imparted, and will never forget their smiling faces and enthusiasm. My exchange experience showed me how fortunate I am to live the life I have, and I want to do more towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education around the world. Through my AIESEC journey, I've become more self-aware and have seen how just one person can make a difference. I just wish I had taken this opportunity earlier” – Sri Pishey

Now you also have the opportunity to learn more about AIESEC, what we offer, how we can help you find your own adventure and stand out from the rest of your peers!