2 years ago

2 May, 2016

UNSW Physics Lawn

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Don’t let a degree define you, let it be your experiences along the way that become a reflection of who you are once you graduate. The world is full of endless possibilities. It's time to hold fast to youth and experience those possibilities that await you!

Join us at our picnic and discover how you can engage in the possibility of travelling the world to make an impact. Go on a speed date with students who have previously worked on projects and incited change in communities worldwide, and engage with others who have insights to share on purposeful travelling.

Find out about projects that can take you to places that you’ve never been before, allow you to meet people that you never imagined meeting, and also make the difference that you once thought you were not capable of.

A Global Exchange with AIESEC is the way to go to create those experiences of a lifetime that will come to shape who you are. Come and find out how to apply for our projects over an afternoon delight of coffee, tea and biscuits!

WHEN: Monday, 2 May, 12 - 3:30 pm
WHERE: Physics Lawn, UNSW
WHAT: Picnic of Possibilities - Find Your Next Global Exchange