2 years ago

28 March, 2016


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Business Society UNSW

-----------------------------The 2016 Careers Guide -----------------------------
It is with great pleasure and pride that we present the 2016 UNSW Business Society Careers Guide.

Without direction, taking the first step towards your professional future can be a daunting experience. It is our hope that this publication will serve as a useful stepping stone to navigate your career prospects and ultimately assist you in discovering a suitable career path. Whether you are in your first or final year, the Careers Guide provides a comprehensive insight into where you can take your business degree.

For our penultimate and final year student readership, we have consolidated industry insights, interviews and information from our professional sources to bring you a conveniently centralised base of knowledge. Our aim is to guide you from selecting a suitable industry and exploring firm-specific opportunities through to an explanation of and advice on the recruitment process.

For our recent university entrants and pre-penultimate student readership, we encourage you to use the Guide to learn about your career prospects, to discover opportunities at industry-leading firms, and fundamentally, to empower your future.

--------------------------Accessing the Careers Guide--------------------------
This year, we have upgraded your viewing experience with access through an online medium. Not only will you be able to easily search for information relevant to you, you'll also have permanent access to an online copy for free.

Keep your eyes on this space for the online launch, information on physical copies and the special opportunities we've got planned for you...