3 years ago

14 August, 2015

UNSW Physics Lawn, Sydney, Australia 2052

Organised by:
Quidditch Society

This Friday and all Fridays throughout the semester UNSW Quidditch will be hosting Friday Fun. This will involve some Quidditch games where you can come and play, or learn to play, Quidditch in a relaxed setting at our very own Physics Lawn! This will also feature some other Qudditch related games we like to play. If you are interested in Quidditch but not sure if you want to play, that's fine, come along, watch and see what all the fuss is about. All are welcome.

After our games end at 5.00pm, we'll be eating some (yummy!) food and finding a space suitable for the long-held tradition of crafting your very own BROOM! It's not the person that chooses the broom - but the broom that chooses the person... And as such, it's something near and dear to every quidditch player's heart! Each broom costs $5 to cover the materials - but feel free to add as much 'character' as you want!

These brooms won't ONLY be for quidditch legends in the making, but can also be made as a fun activity or even a trophy for your everyday muggle's wall! (If you frame it and send us a picture, you will have the eternal respect of UNSW Snapes on a Plane.) If you can't make the training, DEFINITELY come along to the broom making that will ensue because only when the conditions are right can brooms be made!

(REALLY!) Hope to see you there!