3 years ago

21 August, 2015

UNSW Physics Lawn, Sydney, Australia 2052

Organised by:
Quidditch Society

This Friday we will be having our regular fun quidditch games from 3pm - 5pm on our wonderful Physics lawn! Bring a water bottle, some sporty shoes, and your fun loving self! If you've never played and are feeling awkward because it's week 4 or something like that... DON'T! Come along anyway, everyone is welcome (:

After our regular fun times, we will be making our brooms (again!!!) this is because a lot of you may either didn't finish your brooms or wanted to add that certain something that really makes them SPECIAL! (We mean to say - 70% of them probably aren't even considered trash. This is a chance to redeem the artistic scum known as your existence. This aggression is to see if anybody actually reads this - if you ARE reading, then make an interesting comment and we will reply in turn.) If it turns out that everybody is satisfied with their broom, then there will be equally fun contingency plans! (: Yayyyyy!

Hope to see you there!