3 years ago

4 September, 2015


Organised by:
Quidditch Society

This Friday we will be having our regular fun quidditch games from 3pm - 5pm on our wonderful Physics lawn! Bring a water bottle, some sporty shoes, and your fun loving self! If you've never played and are feeling awkward because it's week 6 or something like that... DON'T! Come along anyway, everyone is welcome (:

Since a large chunk of the team will be heading down to Canberra to take part in the noble Triwizard tournament... This week we will get some food from Anzac Parade (or pizza if you like that kind of thing.) and watch an entertaining movie chosen by an entertaining man! This will be different from normal movie nights because the movie(s) will actually be good and won't be influenced by trivial matters like democracy.

Hope to see you there!