2 years ago

9 October, 2015


Organised by:
UNSW Quidditch Society

Quidditch kind of has a love/hate relationship with CSE revue. It's that kind of a relationship where you love it SO much, you hate it for consuming all of your love.

Also the promoters. Why can't I stress out over mid-sems without being tempted to kill a kind and irresponsible soul who sold their own to a diluted form of ideological capitalism?

Any way, you get the point. BECAUSE we are Quidditch and BECAUSE we love CSE Revue to the point of existential questioning we !!!!!!!!!MUST!!!!!!!!! go see them and find some kind of closure to the mental destituteness we feel as a collective.

Time: Whenever the doors open. Gotta put that sprint training to some kind of use!
Place: Science Theatre
Date: 9th of October ie. THE FRIDAY

Click attending and we can get you a ticket! Easy? Easy.

Let's do the thing!!!