2 years ago

16 October, 2015

UNSW Old Main Building, Room 151

Organised by:
UNSW Quidditch Society

An AGM is an Annual General Meeting. Since this annum is coming to a close, this is YOUR chance to exercise your right as an individual within a democratic system - and to maybe even partake in the glory that is a civil society within a society! (Society-ception..?)

It is at this mildly important event that we will be voting on any constitutional changes and electing a new team of executive members! (: Before we ask you to apply, here's a short description of the awesome roles and powers that are WITHIN YOUR GRASP. If you have further questions - ask any of the current exec! (Holly, Rhi, Steph, Phil, Raj, or Leigh!)

President: Ensures the general smooth running of the society

Vice president: Assists president in any way they can and is also delegated as team representative and thus deals with Quidditch NSW and AQA.

Arc delegate: handles grants, room bookings, and any other paperwork related to Arc.

Treasurer: Allocates funding as well as monitoring income/ expenditure. Organises fundraisers.

Secretary: Taking minutes at meetings and being the primary point of contact for the society.

There are also other roles such as publicity, captain, webmin and others which are JUST as important! Just not in the eyes of Arc! These are sub-exec positions and are also a great way to become more involved in the society.

If any of these positions seem like something you really really want to do, or if any of these positions will allow you to realise your dreams for the society then send a message to exec@unswquidditch.com. After sending a QUICK email, prepare a QUICK speech telling us why you're a pretty good person for the job! Then you will be powerful! More powerful than ever before!

Hope to see you there! (: