2 years ago

24 March, 2016

Library Walkway

Organised by:
Project Hope

Time for another innovation stall from our lovely Fundraising team! For those who don't know, throughout this semester, our Fundraising team will be focused on delivering a novel, and sometimes yummy, idea as a way to raise funds for our society!

This week we will be selling Grass jelly milk tea along with some delicious muffins.

The combination of the mouth watering goodness of muffins with the thirst quenching smoothness of milk tea will make a perfect on-the-go meal for any university students (that's right, talking to you).

When: Thursday 24th March
Time: 10am-4pm
Where: Library Walkway
Milk tea - $3.30
Grass Jelly Milk tea - $3.50
Muffins - $2.50
Milk tea + muffin combo - $5

We will be having FOUR flavours of muffins on the day:
- Rasberry and Coconut
- Double Choc
- Blueberry
- Banana

Remember that this is all for a good cause! So come along and support us, I promise they will be tea-licious!