2 years ago

3 May, 2016

Colombo Theatre A

Organised by:
Law Society (UNSW)

Across the waters: The fragility of international security and transformation of conflict in contemporary times

The UNSW Law Society is honored to host a high-level panel event on contemporary international security issues. Distinguished speakers will draw upon their respective technical expertise on the growing significance of nuclear non-proliferation, the growing tensions in the South China Sea and the political turbulence in the Middle East to uncover the fragility of security in contemporary times.

With the surge of political and media attention surrounding these issues, our notable speakers will provide key insights, opening towards a wider understanding of security, development and the operation of law in these contexts.

With a structured Q&A format, students and the public get the opportunity to watch experts in their field discuss the changing frontiers of international security whilst also engaging with the speakers through question time.

Please register your attendance and leave any questions for our guest speakers at

If you have any queries, please contact Rachel and Leslie at int.pic@unswlawsoc.org