2 years ago

5 May, 2016


Organised by:
Law Society (UNSW)

Back by popular demand, Thomas Spohr from the Office of the DPP will be here to provide his own insights to wellbeing within the legal profession.

Students in the past have described Thomas as funny, engaging, straight to the point, and most importantly, relatable.

As a Board Member of the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation, a former NSW Young Lawyers President and a returning wellbeing speaker, the chance to listen to Thomas on how he manages a prosperous career and his own wellbeing is a opportunity not to be missed.

Making time for ourselves and our wellbeing in law school is hard enough, so how do on earth do we go about it when we are hot shot lawyers? Come along to find out how (all friends welcome). Your present and future self will be sure to thank you!

For any questions, contact Alannah Milton at wellbeing.director@unswlawsoc.org