2 years ago

9 May, 2016

Law G04

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Law Society (UNSW)

Indigenous Incarceration and Violence: New Policy Approaches to Developing Safe Communities

The UNSW Law Society is proud to present Prof Marcia Langton AM and Josephine Cashman, as part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues 2016 Speaker Events. Between them there is a lifetime of experience and expertise in business, policy, and economic development concerning Indigenous communities across Australia.

Despite making up only three percent of the overall population, Indigenous Australians are twelve times more likely to be incarcerated than the wider community and make up 40 per cent of those imprisoned for assault offences. Indigenous women are 34 times more likely to be hospitalised and 7-8 times more likely to be killed as a result of domestic violence. A focus of their work to date has been addressing these national crises.

Does the current policy discourse assist in reducing incarceration rates and victimisation of Indigenous Australians? Prof Langton and Cashman will discuss why policy approaches focusing on employment and economic development can empower Indigenous communities and turn the tides on these devastating statistics.

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