2 years ago

12 May, 2016


Organised by:
Law Society (UNSW)

Join UNSW Lawsoc for more Thursday Arvo Drinks!

Conveniently timed on the afternoon of Lawlapalooza, the week after your ILJ Casenote is due and the day before your Admin Essay is due, you have no excuse not to take the afternoon off and have drinks with your friends!

WHAT: Join Lawsoc on Thursday Afternoon for some fun times + subsidised drinks. Every Lawsoc member will receive 50 cents off Roundhouse Happy Hour prices. Just show your Student ID with your Lawsoc Sticker at the bar to get your discount (the bar will be cash only).

WHERE: UNSW Roundhouse

WHEN: Thursday 12 May, from 4pm-5pm

Contact: Eloise - Socials Director socials@unswlawsoc.org