1 year ago

7 March, 2017


Organised by:
UNSW Law Society

The Advanced Client Interviewing Competition is open for 2017! The competition is open to all UG students in their 3rd year and above, and JD students in their 2nd year and above. All students are encouraged to sign up. Experience in the Beginners Round is not necessary.

Applications are closing at 5pm on Friday the 17th of March for the practice rounds, so don’t hesitate: put in your application now!

Register for the practice rounds at: https://goo.gl/forms/1KBT5GH1BXRhYIxs1

Date: Thursday 23 March
Time: 6pm
Location: LAW 162

It is compulsory for at least one member of each team to attend.

The rest of the competition will run across the year as follows:
- Practice Rounds: Weeks 5 & 6 (SEM 1)
- Round 1: Weeks 9 & 10 (SEM 1)
- Round 2: Weeks 2 & 3 (SEM 2)
- Semi Finals: Week 6 (SEM 2)
- Grand Finals: Week 8 (SEM 2)

For any further questions about the competition, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen and David at advanced.clientinterviewing@unswlawsoc.org