1 year ago

29 March, 2017

UNSW Mechanical Building (Ainsworth) Level 5 Design Studio

Organised by:
Australia China Youth Association (ACYA)

Linkwest Consulting is a lifeline for many young Chinese who seek work within Australia. The cultures and customs of Australia are often times bizarre and complicated to a young professional hailing from China. Many small details of the Australian process for jobs are more often not the key to securing the job that you want.

Partnering with Linkwest Consulting for the first event, we are offering a chance for the creator Cameron Mclean to collaborate with ACYA to bring to both local and international students an opportunity to hone each stage of job procurement. From market search, application strategy, resume, cover letters, personal pitch, telephone enquiries, mock interviews and salary negotiation, every process and its secrets will be revealed.

If you are an action-taker and not an observer, this seminar is for you. We will equip you with the knowledge to take your employability to the next level.


Linkwest Consulting是许多中国人青年在澳大利亚寻求工作的的好帮手。

来自中国的年轻专业人员往往对澳大利亚的文化和习俗感到奇怪和复杂。许多澳大利亚工作流程的细节是找到理想工作的关键。与Linkwest Consulting合作举办第一个活动,我们将邀请创业者Cameron Mclean与ACYA合作,为本地和国际学生带来机会,为每个阶段的工作采购提供机会。