1 year ago

15 March, 2017


Organised by:
Business Society UNSW

CLICK HERE: issuu.com/unswbusinesssociety/docs/fyg

Still feeling lost at uni after O-week? Missed out on getting a hard copy of the very first Edition of the BSOC First Years Guide at our O-week stall? Don’t worry, BSOC’s got you covered!

Packed to the seams with insightful goodness, the inaugural UNSW Business Society: First Years Guide will be launching ONLINE! Created by UNSW BSOC for UNSW Business students, the guide will impart a veritable plethora of tips and tricks that only a New South-er would know!

Articles include:
UNSW Support Services
Food Recommendations
Business Majors and Degree Structures
Study Tips
Business Student Society Application and Interview Tips
LinkedIn Tips

Say hello to your own piece of BSOC history!

Click the link below to access your First Years Guide now!