1 year ago

26 February, 2017

Save the Children UNSW Student Action Group

Organised by:
Save The Children

Want to boost the extra-curricular activities section on your resume AND make a real difference in the world for others? Then join SCA UNSW subcommittee today and show the world what changes you can make!

SCA UNSW are looking for warm, enthusiastic and passionate students who genuinely want to help those less fortunate in the world. Working together with our lovely directors, subcommittee members will help the society to reach our goals and spread our positive impact to help children and their communities in third world countries.

There are a number of SUBCOMMITTEE positions (more details about these roles can be found below) available including:
- 2 x Human Resources
- 3 x Marketing
- 2 x Sports and Recreation
- 2 x Campaigns and Media
- 2 x Sponsorship
- 3 x Fundraising

Apply here for SUBCOMMITTEE positions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdiNWIhn9sZ82K6gmNSnVbAcEkM4Z0073QNuhC0QYeoWYwsZw/viewform?c=0&w=1

We are also pleased to announce that we currently have two DIRECTOR positions open for:
- 1 x Campaigns and Media Director
- 1 x Sports and Recreation

Apply here for DIRECTOR positions:

Apply soon as applications close March 10 2017!

Good luck!

- Assisting with general recruitment of volunteers for events run by the society. This may include making forms, contacting volunteers to confirm times and hours, etc.
- Maintaining and organising member/volunteer databases, ensuring contact details are kept up to date.
- Scheduling of meetings, events, etc.
- Develop regular newsletters for SCA UNSW members

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Attention to detail and patience
- Ability to communicate with a diverse range of people
- Great interpersonal skills.
- Strong organisation and time management skills.

- Promote participation from SCA Members in activities and events through promotion.
- Planning, design and implementation of marketing campaigns through a variety of mediums, electronic posting, written or oral to raise awareness of SCA UNSW, our events and operations, our cause, and ways to get involved
- Assisting with updating and maintaining the website, facebook, instagram etc on a regular basis

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Desire to learn about marketing strategy and promotion
- Desire to improve experience in managing websites and other social media platforms
- Skills in graphics design (i.e photoshop) and photography/video-editing (desired but not necessary)

- Planning, organising and implementing sporting and recreational activities for members and exec/committee/subcommittee teams.
- Liaising with relevant internal and external contacts to host sporting events.
- Seek to collaborate with other UNSW Arc-affiliated societies to host activities
- Taking necessary safety precautionary measures at sport/rec events.

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Good time and event management skills.
- Keen interest in sport and recreational activities

- Organising and planning campaigns to promote SCA as an organization
- Gaining access to relevant external support and promotion for these campaigns.
- Seeking media exposure and publication opportunities for the society.
- Assist marketing team in maintaining online and offline presence and promoting campaigns.

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Creative and innovative mind
- Strong communication skills, particularly written
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Skills in design (desired but not necessary)
- Strong problem-solving skills

- Actively seek sponsorship opportunities for event fundraising and prizes.
- Assist in developing sponsorship proposals.
- Securing, maintaining and developing relationships with sponsors.
- Maintaining relations with sponsor children

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Great communication skills, oral and written.
- Strong problem-solving skills

- Planning, organising and hosting events throughout the year specifically to raise funds and spread awareness.
- Possess a creative/innovative vision to think outside the box for fundraising events
- Setting and meeting targets for fundraising campaigns.

The ideal candidate will possess:
- Strong interpersonal skills, able to coordinate well.
- Good time/event management skills.
- Strong problem-solving skills