1 year ago

13 March, 2017

Science Lawn

Organised by:
Food Lovers Society

Welcoming all new and renewed FOOD LOVERS members to the new semester with our infamous FREE BBQ! Bring all your friends and grab yourself a sausage sizzle before or after class. We also have HASH BROWNS as a vegetarian alternative to ensure all our members can enjoy the food.

WHEN: Monday, 13th March Week 3
WHERE: UNSW Science Lawn
TIME: 11AM - 2PM
COST: FREE for members, $2 for Non-FOOD LOVERS members and Non-Arc members

Don't want to pay $2 every BBQ?
It's never too late to join! Simply pay $5 at the front of the queue for an ANNUAL membership with us filled with insanely affordable food and more FREE BBQs throughout the year.

This student club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit http://www.arc.unsw.edu.au/
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