1 year ago

25 February, 2017

Australia-China Youth Association - ACYA UNSW

Organised by:
Australia China Youth Association (ACYA)


ACYA is recruiting subcommittee members for 2017!

We are looking for enthusiastic people who are interested in the Australia-China space and who want to help us foster a transnational community for students to learn about social, cultural and economic aspects of Australia and China.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/DvYAjz5d2m3aqiNk2


Below are details on the responsibilities of subcommittee members in each portfolio.

- Assist with the coordination of educational activities, information and events
- Provide assistance with planning and execution of educational activities throughout the semester
- Collect news and information on educational opportunities in the Australia-China sphere
- Attend education events to facilitate members engagement and ensure they are smoothly run
- Reflect upon how an event or activity can be improved for the future
- Engage in any other relevant activities as specified

- Assist with the coordination of careers-related activities, information and events such as career panels, workshops and networking opportunities
- Liaise with industry professionals to gain their support and participation in career events organised by the society
- Attend events and ensure they are smoothly run, reflect on them afterwards and formulate strategies for future improvements
- Work closely with internal ACYA portfolios such as sponsorship and marketing, and with other ACYA chapters
- Engage in any other relevant activities as specified

- Work with the Vice-President P2P in the planning of social and promotional events organised by the society
- Apply exemplary teamwork skills in undergoing preparation to ensure that all events run smoothly and sustainably.
- Attend events to engage with society members and ensure the efficient running of planned events
- Reflect on and de-brief events that have concluded to formulate improvements and strategize for the future.
- Engage in any other relevant activities as specified

- Work with the Communications and Marketing Director in the creation and design of marketing campaigns and their associated marketing materials
- Manage online and social media platforms for ACYA such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Orgsync
- Compose regular newsletters and update the society’s website
- Engage in the composition of regular newsletters and occasional blog posts and make timely updates to the society’s website
- Take responsibility for the logo, reputation and overall image of the society