1 year ago

4 March, 2017

Studio One (UNSW)

Organised by:
NSW University Theatrical Society (NUTS)

“To free the voice is to free the person”- Kristin Linklater

Attention all actors: are you interested in developing your voice as a performer? Would you like to learn about (or refresh your skills in) projection, articulation and breathing? Perhaps you also want to develop your British accent for auditions?

Then come along to our Voice Workshop taught by NIDA voice coach Amy Hume!

The workshop will involve general voice work and will also include dialect coaching for British accents to link in with ‘Punk Rock’ (NUTS’ 2nd show of 2017). Having a well-developed voice is an essential skill for any actor to have in their toolkit. Being able to breathe, project and articulate well is an enormously valuable asset that can help YOU conquer audition nerves and feel confident performing in front of a live audience.

N.B.The British accent we will be learning is Received Pronunciation (RP). It is often used for performances of Shakespeare’s plays and is one of the most applicable accents for any actor.

ALL NUTS MEMBERS are welcome! (even if you haven’t signed up yet you will get a chance to on the day of the workshop)

Workshop date: Saturday, March 4th

Time: 9 a.m.- 12p.m. (midday)

Location: Studio One (UNSW)

Workshop fee: $5

What to bring: Yourself

About Amy:

“Amy Hume is a voice and dialect coach and one of only seven Designated Linklater Teachers in Australia. Amy was recently one of the Voice and Dialect Coaches on Matilda the Musical in Sydney. Amy has also coached productions for NIDA, Sport for Jove, Shakespeare & Co (Lenox, MA), The Shakespeare Forum (New York), Columbia Stages (New York) and Sydney Theatre School. She is part of the academic staff at NIDA, is Voice and Accents Tutor at ATYP, and provides ongoing voice support to The HUB Studio. She previously taught in the undergraduate program at Sydney Theatre School. Amy is also the Founder and Creative Director of leading voice and communication business, Viva Voice.”

To find out more about Amy and read her full bio, visit her website: www.amyhume.com.au