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20 February, 2017


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UNSW Engineering Society

With university around the corner, you might be starting to think about getting that internship or moving into the workplace. But where do you start? How do you even know what employers want?

You might even be unsure where to start on getting involved at university too. Where can you volunteer? Which societies should I get involved with?

In this time of graduate oversupply, it’s extremely important to hone your own skills and develop into a well-rounded applicant. If developing your soft skills, and learning new concepts about leadership, initiative and effective communication is something that sounds like you need to start on we have you covered.

Applications are now open for the EngSoc Volunteer Development Program and EngSoc Engineering Industries Program!

EngSoc Programs are designed to help you grow as an individual through soft skill development, enhanced industry knowledge, and the ability to meet and work/volunteer with fellow UNSW Engineering students.

---------------------- EngSoc Volunteer Development Program ----------------------

The program description for the Volunteer Development Program can be found here:

The application link can be found here:

There are a few workshops that are compulsory to attend. These are on the:

Saturday the 18th of March
Saturday the 1st of April

There are also various repeating workshops, which you only need to attend one of:

1 x Industrial Training Workshop:

Saturday the 15th of April
Saturday the 13th of May
4-6pm Wednesday the 26th of April

1 x 1Scope Workshop:

4-6pm Tuesday the 21st of March
4-6pm Thursday the 30th of March

If you have any further questions feel free to ask the team!

----------------------- EngSoc Engineering Industries Program ----------------------

The program description for the Engineering Industries Program can be found here:

The application link can be found here:

The EIP Schedule for Semester 1 include workshops on :

Saturday the 25th March

Saturday the 8th April

Saturday the 22nd April

Final Case Competition on Saturday the 6 May


Programs applications close on Monday, 6th March at 5 PM! If you have any enquiries, please post them on this event, or direct them to programs@unswengsoc.com

We wish you the best of luck and are excited for you to join us on your journey of professional development!


At the UNSW Engineering Society (EngSoc) we aim for the development of students’ skills in engineering, through various programs and industry events. We’re here to help students establish stable foundations for a smooth, rewarding transition from university to a professional industrial career.

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