1 year ago

3 March, 2017


Organised by:
Investing for Charity UNSW

The Trainee Analyst (TA) program is a combined finance, charity analysis, personal development and networking program. Run over two semesters by UNSW Investing for Charity, the program provides an invaluable opportunity for exceptional students to learn and grow with like-minded peers. If you’re looking to develop your skills and become highly employable then apply now!

UNSW Investing For Charity (I4C) is a non-profit, student society which has the mission of making an impact upon charities, future professionals, and the UNSW student body.

For full role description, go to: goo.gl/H3NERM

Fill out the application form here: https://goo.gl/forms/xFAoq2BB3GlYW4zF3

Applications close on Friday 3rd March at 11:59pm, and will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Successful candidates will be notified by email on Sunday 5th March, and will be offered an interview as the final step of the recruitment process.

For all enquires, please email education.i4c@gmail.com.