1 year ago

23 February, 2017

Mcauley Theatre UNSW

Organised by:
Mathematics Society (MATHSOC)

Nothing can be better than bringing home some valuable friendship and awesome prizes up to $50 before Uni even begins !

MathSoc Integration can just be the perfect opportunity to show off your amazing integration skills, work out your brain and create long lasting (hopefully) friendship during O-WEEK!

You do NOT have to be a maths god! This competition is simply about having some fun, eat some free food and getting involved!

WHEN:Thursday 23rd February
WHERE: Macauley Theatre


The competition format will consists of both pen-and-paper knockouts as well as whiteboard knockouts ! Paper will be provided. Therefore, all you need to bring are pens, the eager to have some fun and your friends.

Pizza will be provided by us for FREE! Therefore, even if you have absolutely no idea what integration is, just come for the free food and free banter !! It is definitely the best decision you will make during O week!

Want to SINE up for MATHSOC to become a member?

You can simply visit our stall during O-WEEK !

Or even easier, just simply meet up the lovely MathSoc team and your fellow math lovers at Macauley Theatre (QUAD 1027) on Thursday (23rd February) at 11 am!

** MATHSOC membership is FREE for students with Maths/Stats majors (verification using class timetables will be necessary)
Otherwise, it is only $5 for loads of benefits like access to these amazing events, and future goodies (like our T-shirts!!)

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Love MathSoc Crew